Scott & Melissa Reeves in their in-house Roastery.

Scott & Melissa Reeves in their in-house Roastery.

About Us.

Most people know them as Ryan McNeal (Young & The Restless) and Jennifer Horton (Days of Our Lives), but the locals of Franklin, Tennessee, have come to know and love them simply as Scott and Melissa Reeves, aspiring farmers, raisers of goats, and roasters of the area’s newest third wave coffee. 


Over the past decade or so, the general Nashville area has become a hub for coffee connoisseurs. Coffee shop franchises, although convenient, are slowly becoming the minority amongst the "third-wavers," who claim to be introducing the city to genuinely quality coffee. This new wave is said to center around the appreciation of coffee, and the hard work put into it before a single sip is enjoyed. There is heart put into it that is founded on making every new cup of coffee the best cup of coffee the consumer has ever tasted. 


Having established a deep love and emotional connection to coffee at the ripe young age of six, Scott Reeves was immediately intrigued and on board to contribute to this new age of the long-beloved beverage. 


"My favorite grandfather poured me my first ever cup of coffee at six years old. It was about ninety percent cream and sugar, ten percent coffee; nonetheless, it was the first of countless to follow. I eventually transitioned to black coffee as I got older, and then even ventured as far as to drink espresso by itself. But, what got me interested in this generation of third wave coffee was my son. He got connected with one of the first roasters in Franklin and jumped into learning the entire process from roasting to cupping. His palate developed so well, and that's when he started to introduce me to what every cup of coffee should taste like and how that specific cup is made."


After a solid year of honing his palate skills, Scott approached his wife, Melissa, with the dream to start roasting coffee. Soon after, Scott pursued finding quality beans, while Melissa assigned herself the role of creative director, figuring out a name, and seeking out logo designers, merchandise ideas, and marketing tools. 


Now, a mere eleven months later, Revival Roasting Co. is alive and ready to make a name for itself among its companions and competitors in Nashville. 


"Our biggest hurdle was figuring out how to use the roaster we purchased properly. Every roaster is different, and it takes a lot of late nights of studying it, in order to roast the beans to the exact flavor and quality you're trying to attain. But, we got there! I'm really excited about our first roast, and I can't wait to progressively create more."


Scott and Melissa have named their debut roast, 1914, in honor of his favorite grandfather’s birth year. “He left the legacy of heart in a cup of coffee in our family, now it’s our job to keep it alive,” explains Melissa. The couple aspires to create several more roasts over the course of the next couple of years as their palate and family continues to grow. “We would love to create several staple roasts, at least enough to name one after each of our kids. It gives them a piece of the legacy to carry on.”