Behind the Beans, etc.

Here at Revival Roasting Co., we long to be steadfast in keeping the core mission of our company that of heart, legacy, story, and family. That being said, it’s no wonder we fell in love with the third wave coffee world, because we soon found that the people we would be working closest with, the people working hard to provide us with the best coffee beans and merchandise alike, are themselves families full of heart, full of legacy, full of stories. We have fallen for them, and we know you will too, so we’d like to introduce you right here, right now.


Dos niñas

Dos Niñas is a family-run coffee farm out of Guatemala, run by a fourth-generation farm family. This family has not only made a way to continue their family’s legacy of great…, but they have given many other families an opportunity to do the same through phenomenal employment opportunities. Each family that works at Dos Niñas receives a personal crop, schooling for their children, a community church, and coming soon, a cinder block house. All of this is given to them, simply for being a vital part of the mission and work of Dos Niñas. If that’s not heart, we don’t know what is. Fall even more in love with them here: Dos Niñas

Summer Triangle pottery

When we started exploring our options for our signature Revival Roasting Co. mugs, we had no idea just how blessed we would be by finding Paul and Dorothy Craig, the masterminds behind Summer Triangle Pottery. Paul and Dorothy not only offer the warmest welcome of friendship when you walk into their East Nashville studio, but they offer you the assurance of the finest craftsmanship one has to offer. Dorothy has fostered a love for pottery since her childhood in Queens, NY, and Paul’s was ignited by Dorothy. The two of them started Summer Triangle Pottery as a passion project, and not to our surprise, it took off. Their pottery has since found a home in some of Nashville’s most notable restaurants, such as, Lockeland Table and Pelican & Pig, and now thankfully, Revival Roasting Co. And as if we didn’t already think they were the coolest couple around, Paul is a Professor of Aerospace at MTSU, and Dorothy is a Professor of Education there, as well! Check out more of their story and product here: Summer Triangle Pottery



balzac bros.

Just as we stated in our mission, Balzac Bros. has knocked the mission of family, legacy, and heart out of the park. They were founded in 1917 by two brothers, and have since hosted four generations of family tradition concerning importing green coffee beans. In the coffee world, the Balzacs were the first to do a lot of things, but we believe one of the most important being that they were the first EVER to import a full container of coffee into the US from Brazil in 1970. This was just the beginning…today, Balzac Bros. imports specialty green beans from sixteen different countries, sourcing from the most dignified, best coffee country farms. Hambela Farm in Ethiopia, where we source our beans for “Rex” and “Revival” from, is not only considered Ethiopia’s best coffee country, but due to Balzac Bros. venture, employs 28 permanent staff and 700 seasonal employees, employing men and women alike. They are taught the best growing, harvesting, and selling techniques, as to pass on the legacy, even branching outside of the actual Balzac Family. We adore them, we know you will too: Balzac Bros.

holtz leather co.

There truly aren’t even words to express how inspired we are by Holtz Leather Co. Husband and wife team, Rick and Colleen Holtz, were childhood sweethearts who got married immediately following high school graduation with $1,000 in their pocket and hearts full of dreams. Although determined to see their dreams come to fruition, they faced trials of various kinds, including several miscarriages, near homelessness, and bankruptcy. But, by the grace of God, even in the midst of their hardship, their faith and God-inspired ideas were tools that helped them dig themselves out of financial ruin and create what is known today as Holtz Leather Co. We love who they are and what they’ve created to help drive our mission as Revival Roasting Co., but they also create so much more that we are absolutely obsessed with. Check them out: Holtz Leather Co.