Do you sell ground coffee?

We do not sell ground coffee, due to the fact that we want you to receive our coffee in its freshest state, which is whole bean. Contact us for any inquiries you may have about the best grinders to use!

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Indeed we do! We ship anywhere and everywhere to everyone who wants Revival.

What is your darkest roast?

To be completely honest, we don’t roast anything we could rightfully call a “dark” roast. We do have a couple roasts that we would consider a bit richer, closer to the taste of a dark roast. What we’ve learned on this third wave coffee adventure is that it’s not about how dark the beans are (which typically means they’re burnt), it’s about how to roast them to get certain flavor notes. With that said, our “Dresden” and “Evie” contain the flavor notes of a dark, richer roast, but are roasted lightly, keeping them at a higher caffeine content.

Do you have decaf coffee?

At the moment, we are a caffeine-only establishment, but heartily working towards a decaf option!

How fresh is your coffee once I receive it?

We typically try to roast our coffee within 3-4 days of shipping it to you, sending you the freshest batch possible.