Behind the Beans, etc.

Here at Revival Roasting Co., we love legacy…we love stories…we love family. As lovers of the aforementioned, we long desired to offer both coffee roasts and merchandise that would reflect the heart of our mission to speak to the stories and legacy in each and every one of us. With that said, we believe we have found some of the sweetest and would like to introduce you.



Our 1914 beans are grown at Dos Niñas farm, run by a family of fourth-generation coffee farmers and distributed by the family’s two daughters (dos niñas). Having grown up on a coffee farm and knowing the community, opportunity, and life it can offer, the owners of Dos Niñas farm love to have their employees partake fully. Dos Niñas is home to eleven families, who serve as the farm workers. Along with their employment, each family is provided with a personal crop, a school for their kids, a church, and will soon have cinderblock houses built for them, as well. Dos Niñas is a fam with a plan, and we couldn’t love them more! Check out more of their story here: Dos Niñas

Carlos Alexander

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Judith Martinez

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Rose Aiko

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Jeremy Scott

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