Instagram Testimonials

To all of our faithful, loving instagram followers, we cannot even begin to express our gratitude for your ever sweet encouragement. We couldn’t do this without y’all.

"1914 is my brew. I love love love love love it!!”

“Just placed my second order this morning! So delicious guys! So happy for you but happy for me too!”

“I’m already out. Need more. It’s sooooo good!!”

“I’ve been making my RRC coffee all week. Let’s just say that I get excited to wake up now.”

“Love everything about the message of Revival Coffee because it’s rooted in truth. My early morning quiet time is a little richer when I am sipping Revival […] Thank you.”

“This coffee is the best. I can actually drink it black, whereas, I usually have to doctor my coffee with sugar and creamer. NOT THIS COFFEE!! LOVE IT…”

“My coffee loving friends—you have to go check out @revivalroastingcompany. I ordered last week and was so excited when it showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. I immediately ground some up (which made my kitchen smell amazing by the way), we brewed our first pot this morning and I gotta say it’s waaaaay better tasting than what we had been drinking. It’s so smooth and has such a rich flavor and I’m already looking forward to waking up to another cup tomorrow…”